in Jakarta / Indonesia

...and furthermore we are presenting Der Bau in Indonesia, Jakarta !!!
29. + 30.10.2017 at 20h / Komunitas Salihara, Black Box/ Jakarta (ID)

pic: L.Goldring, all rights reserved.

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Published 15 September

in Hanoi and Ho-Chi-Minh/ Vietnam

We are happy to present our work within the festival „Europe Meets Asia in Contemporary Dance 2017

’The intoxicating dance work The Burrow (Der Bau), created by Berlin-based choreographer Isabelle Schad and French visual artist Laurent Goldring, comes to Hanoi and Ho-Chi-Minh City in september 2017.’

pic: L.Goldring, all rights reserved.

20.09.2017, YOUTH THEATER HANOI (VN) / Europe meets Asia in Contemporary Dance
24. + 25.09.2017 in HO-CHI-MINH (VN) / Europe meets Asia in Contemporary Dance

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Published 15 September

@ Monoplay in Zadar


The performer’s body as an organ, perceived as a space, is a continuous subject in the work of Isabelle Schad. This time the performer’s body appears as a stage : but for whose theatre ? Which drama ? One may say that drama occurs between the spectator and soloist, in the space where subjectivity appears as imaginary, ever-changing construct of what has been seen and what has been imagined. Taken from the aesthetical point Solo for Lea can be compared to some aspects of Picasso’s portraiture work, who wanted to question the ocular monism of perspective painting.
Sasa Bozic

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Published 28 August

Showings @ Wiesenburg

Isabelle Schad : Double Portrait with Przemek Kaminski and Nir Vidan
Presenting the first results for new productions planned in 2017 within an informal framework – Showings.

Double Portrait is part of Isabelle Schads Portrait Series, which she develops since a few years together with her colleagues.
“The images are always somehow in-between, hybrids, and can never be clearly defined. As soon as an image starts to say something that each member of the audience can recognise, I want to change it or get rid of the image.” (Isabelle Schad, excerpt from an interview with Wolfgang Horn, Theater : Ein Fest ! Tanzplattform 2016, 3sat)

16th & 17th June 2017 / 7pm / Wiesenburg-Halle Seating is limited. Free entry

+ The Official Premiere will take act on October 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia
+ Berlin Premiere is expected in December 2017 at HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin

See online : Die Wiesenburg

Published 2 July

Showings @ Wiesenburg: Turning Solo

A portrait for Naima Ferré choreographed by Isabelle Schad

Naïma Ferré has been a practitioner of ‘whirling’ for many years. It is a type of dance that involves revolving around one’s own axis.
The ability to spin for long periods and the intensity required to do so have inspired me to produce a solo with and for Naima. An initially minimalistic study in movement slowly becomes a shimmering jewel, a rotating sculpture and the choreographic portrait of a dancer.
(Isabelle Schad)

Isabelle Schad | Konzept, Choreographie
Naïma Ferré | Co-Choreographie, Performance
Wann | 30.Juni – 1. Juli 2017 um 19:00 Uhr
+ Wo | Wiesenburg-Halle 55, Hoff II | Wiesenstrasse 55, 13357 Berlin – Wedding + Der Eintritt ist frei
HAU-Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, defacto Zagreb | Co-Produktion
pic : I.Schad, all rights reserved.

See online : Die Wiesenburg

Published 2 July