Balkan Dance Platform 2007 Athens, Greece

4th Balkan Dance Platform
11-14 October 2007, Athens, Greece

Full House Promotion in collaboration with the Megaron, Athens Concert Hall and with the international partners of the Platform:
The Red House from Bulgaria,
Lokomotiva from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
ArtLink from Romania
is pleased to announce the 4th edition of the Balkan Dance Platform 2007 (BDP 2007)- the only biennial event in the Balkans showcasing the current tendencies in contemporary dance and choreography in the region.

13th OCTOBER 2007
Mitropoulos Hall - 19H30

Dalija Acin & Isabelle Schad “There is no exception to the rule because I am never what I have”

See online : balkan dance platform athen 2007

Published 27 October 2007