Still Lives Skopje

Still Lives – Skopje

Dance project of Good Work Productions (Isabelle Schad/DE and Bruno Pocheron/FR), Lokomotiva-Skopje, Goethe Institute-Skopje and French Cultural Centre in Macedonia

’The choreographer Isabelle Schad (Germany) and the media artist Bruno Pocheron (France) together with Ivailo Dimitrov (Bulgaria) create a dance performance for and in Skopje with 30 non-professional dancers of all age groups. Interviews with citizens of
Skopje and their requests for music form important elements of the choreography. Thus, “Still Lives” is a world premier in every new city it is performed in. “Still Lives” emerged from an idea by the Berlin artistic collective ‘Good Work’; it has been staged in numerous towns all over Europe. The project is the contribution of the “Germany Weeks” to the
“Locomotion” Dance Festival.’

30. October 2009, 20:00

Macedonian National
Theatre Centar

With: Biljana Stefanovska, Maja Taneva, Natasha Geleva, Marija Stojanovska, Nadica Vasilevska, Bojan Kraljevski, Tina Tasevska, Aneta Spaseska, Tatjana Ilic, Petrovska Katerina, Maja Kambovska, Elena Stankova, Liljana Peshovska, Irina Stefanovska, Ana Urumovska, Biljana Stefanovska, Nigjar Nagavci, Petra Schoen, Biljana Pavlova, Iskra Dimitrova, Jane Danevski, Dragana Zarevska, Kliment Poposki.

Special thanx to: Dragana Zarevska and Natasha Dimitrievska, who helped us doing, understanding and editing the interviews !!!

See online : Lokomotiva skopje

Published 10 October 2009